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Why Choose D&D Ventures Inc. Bedding for Your Livestock???
  • Absorbs moisture AND less matting by feed and water
  • Our shavings go through a DUAL fine sawdust screening process MINIMIZING DUST
  • Air pockets that provide less stress on their feet and joints overall 
  • Our Bedding levels amazing in barns, extremely helpful for the young livestock 
  • Did we mention less matting = easier to keep up with the healthy environment you want!
Our blended product is truly amazing and we hope to share it with more of the livestock community! Please check out below our options and pictures: 

- Large Flake Wood Shavings

Our large flake shavings are produced on sight from our own shavings mill that runs efficiently five days a week. All of our shavings are produced using, types of wood, sourced from Minnesota woods using in state logging companies. The shavings are kiln dried within the plant the optimum low moisture levels with little to no dust.

- Sunflower Hulls

We deal in high quality sunflower hulls received from plants in Minnesota, South and North Dakota. This product comes out of food grade plants from all locations which are held to very high industry regulations for both biosecurity and cleaning/bacteria free standards.

- Mixed Loads

A majority of our delivered bulk loads are a mixture of our large wood flakes, sunflower hulls, and a small amount fines and sawdust. We have found over the years this is an industry leading blend of product that has left our customers nothing but satisfied since the business started in 2003.  This product not only provides an easy spreading breeding but also a long lasting, soft and cushioning layer for all livestock to rest on.

1 Shavings close up.jpg
Shavings pile.jpg
Hulls unload.jpg
Sunflower hulls.jpg
Hoop Shed.jpg

D&D Ventures provides delivery from our site in Grove City, MN to the five state area and also allows the option for on-site pick up.

-We have long history of a very reliable delivery service to the five state area. With the use of walking floor trailers delivering 160 yards per load or belt trailers delivering 80 yards per load. We can provide a fast and consistent delivery of any product of your choosing. All trucks are sanitized and disinfected before moving to a new farm location to ensure there is no chance of disease travel and contamination from our units.

Truck and Trailer.jpg
Unload 2.jpg
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